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Consecration is our entrustment to Mary, who is the Mother of all peoples, she has provided the world a peace plan that in it's fullness can change not only hearts but cultures.  A peaceful society cannot exist without enough individuals choosing Christ first.
Total Consecration is a journey of the heart and soul to Jesus, Divine Mercy.  We help individuals and parishes bring their  flock to Jesus by way of learning how to know Jesus better through the heart of Mary.   Why Mary? Because she was chosen by God to be His spouse and the Mother of His Divine Son and she wants nothing more than to work with God's Holy  Spirit to bring His Children back to Him through Jesus.  It is God who has placed in her heart the peace plan for the world as she gave  in the messages at Fatima in 1917.
We provide resources to parishes and individuals to make their Consecration.

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FEAST DAY                             START                  END

Our Lady of Lourdes           January 9          February 11 

The Annunciation                February 20      March 25

Our Lady of Fatima             April 10              May 13

The Visitation                       April 28              May 31

Immaculate Heart               Saturday after Corpus Christi

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel      June 13               July 16

The Assumption                   July 13                August 15

Queenship of Mary             July 20                 August 22

Nativity of Mary                   August 6             September 8

Holy Name of Mary             August 10           September 12

Our Lady of Sorrows           August 13           September 15

Lady of the Holy Rosary   September 4        October 7

Presentation of Mary        October 19           November 21

Immaculate Conception   November 5         December 8

Our Lady of  Guadalupe   November 9          December 12

Mother of God                    November 29       January 1

Presentation of the Lord   December 31       February 2

 OUR MISSION:  Through Mary, Mediatrix of all Graces, the mission of Our Lady’s Catholic Lay Ministries is to advance faith in Jesus by promoting a life of holiness through the teachings of the Divine Incarnate Word; recalling Mary does nothing separated from the Holy Will of God.

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